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Walking while you work: Clerkenwell Design Week

May 20, 20150

Graeme Stott used to play for Littleborough rugby club until he broke his back and contracted meningitis. Following his accident, he found out that he had type two diabetes and
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The Arandora Star: A Forgotten Tragedy Of World War II

January 29, 20151

  What immediately stands out, when you ascend the staircase to St. Peter’s Italian Church on Clerkenwell Road, is an awe-inspiring marble plaque covering the whole height of the wall. At the
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Locals skeptical of Islington speed limit enforcement

October 25, 20140

Residents of Islington remain skeptical of speed enforcement as the borough becomes the first in London to issue penalties to drivers violating its 20 mph speed limit. Last year, Islington was the
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Video: Islington Council tackles super-strength alcohol

May 1, 20141

Islington Council recently urged shops in the borough to limit their sales of so-called super-strength alcohol, such as high strength lager, beer and cider, in order to combat anti-social behaviour. But
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The evolution of Exmouth Market

April 17, 20141

Visiting Exmouth Market today, it’s easy to see how it won the Great Street Award in the UK and Ireland in 2011 but it looked very different 25 years ago…

Into You: Getting inked in Clerkenwell

April 4, 20140

Tattoos are more popular than ever in Britain – the Guardian reported in 2010 that one in five Brits are tattooed. We sat down with Alex Binnie of tattoo studio
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Video: A vintage experience in Clerkenwell

March 27, 20140

Since its birth in 2009, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair has become one of London’s biggest fairs for second hand clothing. We visited the fair at Old Finsbury Town Hall to
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Clerkenwell cafés unflapped by Waitrose coffee offer

March 25, 20140

Despite concern elsewhere, local shops are not worried by supermarket giving out free hot drinks

A vintage world: Impressions from Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair

March 6, 20140

Since its premiere five years ago, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair has become one of London’s most renowned events for lovers of second-hand and vintage clothing. As part of London Fashion Week, the
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Smithfield redevelopment inquiry opens

February 11, 20140

Today (Tuesday) marks the start of yet another public inquiry into the future of Smithfield Market, parts of which have been empty for decades. The General Market and adjacent Fish
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