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The Rise of the Artisan Craft-maker

June 9, 20160

From small shops to large communities, artisan skills are a huge part of Islington today. It is a place where a large community of artists can dare to take a chance on making
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Sex as a Commodity: Exploring Local Responses to the Sex Industry

April 26, 20160

  “If we… Sex… What?” The press officer for Islington council chokes on his words on the other side of the phone when asked if he knows anyone who’d be
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Podcast: Wake up and Smell the Coffee Culture

March 6, 20160

Today around one in five people visit a coffee shop on a daily basis in the UK. Proof – if it was needed – that coffee shops are continuing their
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Podcast: London’s rich chocolate scene

March 23, 20150

Before the bi-annual Chocolate Festival comes to Islington this weekend, Zay Arguelles takes a tour of the capital’s best chocolatiers   Bean-to-bar chocolates and water ganache, chilli dark chocolates and black pudding
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Podcast: Will London become the social media capital?

February 2, 20150

  The UK has the highest proportion of social media users in the world, even though platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn were born in the US. It seems
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Why you didn’t save for the rainy day

June 17, 20140

Economists are heralding the recession as a turning point in our spending habits but are they right? We spoke to Michael Norton, a psychology professor at Harvard University and author
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Podcast: Making it at Exmouth Market

June 2, 20140

As Exmouth Market has become more exclusive and upmarket, restaurants find it increasingly hard to stay in business at this competitive location. We spoke to a restaurant manager about the
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Podcast: Independent cinema in Islington

February 22, 20140

Independent cinema isn’t just for hardcore movie buffs. We look at what’s on in Islington and find out why audiences are attracted to independent films

Podcast: Tattoo taboo? The role of religion in getting inked

February 17, 20140

Tattoos continue to be popular in the UK, especially among the young. How much does religion play a part in the decision to get ‘inked’?

To ride or not to ride: The dangers of cycling

February 13, 20142

Anyone regularly cycling in London knows how dangerous it can be to get in the saddle instead of taking the tube. We talk to those trying to reduce the risks