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Video: New direction for Arsenal football club?

January 25, 20160

Yesterday, Arsenal lost 1-0 to Chelsea after Per Mertesacker was sent off, but it was manager Arsene Wenger’s decision to substitute Olivier Geroud which has caused controversy amongst fans. City
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Video: Down at the park – What does it take to become a football pro?

February 8, 20140

Every Saturday teams of kids head to Islington’s parks to play football but only a handful, if any, will ever seriously aspire to a professional career in football. What hope
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From the Italian Riviera to Islington: A local resident discovers the borough’s film sets

December 19, 20132

Islington’s cinematic history has inspired the launch of a new blog about film locations in the borough. Yannic Rack talks to its founder, Xavier Gomez