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Battle Rap – From Shoreditch’s Streets to the Ministry of Sound

December 23, 20150

“I’d say perseverance and faith played a big role,” said Freddie ‘Cruger’ Scott-Miller when talking about the success of Don’t Flop, the battle rap league he co-founded with Rowan ‘Eurgh’ Faife.In
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Opinion – ASDA’s Black Friday U-Turn should get the green light elsewhere

November 27, 20150

“Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of war…” There are those who say that the words of William Shakespeare still very much resonate with today’s society, and that’s certainly the case with
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Podcast: Will London become the social media capital?

February 2, 20150

  The UK has the highest proportion of social media users in the world, even though platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn were born in the US. It seems
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Video: Cyberbullying on the rise

April 24, 20141

Cyberbullying is increasingly entering the public consciousness, with the The Cybersmile Foundation reporting that over 40% of UK high school students have been affected. We asked Londoners whether they think
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How social media is helping the NFL grow in London

December 2, 20130

Islington doesn’t sound like a natural home for the US-born National Football League, but a couple of fans – aided by social media – are helping build the league’s popularity
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