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VIDEO – Hackney and Islington propose ban on petrol and diesel cars during peak commuter periods

February 14, 20180

Only seven weeks into 2018 and London has already exceeded its pollution limits for the whole year. In reaction, Hackney and Islington are set to ban petrol and diesel cars
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The Clerkenwell Italian Community: A History

April 27, 20161

“It all started with immigrants coming over on foot, for they couldn’t afford to use any other transport. They walked through Europe and then got a boat in Calais or near
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Islington and the Refugee Crisis

February 28, 20160

Islington and the Refugee Crisis: The Borough’s Response In the first instalment of our special series on the refugee crisis, Silvia Maresca takes a wider look at the impact war in Syria has
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An unexpected gem in the heart of Clerkenwell

May 11, 20150

“One thing worth looking at before we move on is the painting over there by Caravaggio,” says Marianne Zieran, at the beginning of one of the many tours she, a
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