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Have yourself a VERY merry Christmas: the best mulled wines around St John Street 11499584884_15fa3db111_z - Mulled wine Full view

Have yourself a VERY merry Christmas: the best mulled wines around St John Street

For those who enjoy a heartier treat, Christmas is not only for presents and carols, but also the time for a steaming mug of spicy mulled wine. We’ve chosen the best ones around St John Street, to make your life easier and the festive period even more joyful. Cheers!

Mulled wine
Mulled wine. Image: rpavich, Flickr


The Nags Head

Where: 12 Upper St, N1
Price: £3.95 

Even though it shouldn’t be too hard to find classic mulled wine in London, it is. The taste should be spicy and strong, but in too many cases it isn’t.

But the Nags Head managed, and their mulled wine is the most christmassy one on our  list. Imagine a cardamom/orange scented candle and you know what the wine smells and tastes like.

Plus: the pub itself is very cosy due to the wood-encased walls and there is even a festive Christmas tree!


Crown Tavern

Where: 43 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0EG
Price: £5.20

The mulled wine here is not what you would usually expect. There is a lemony note to it and that actually is a nice, refreshing twist, especially if you’re over-satisfied with Christmas spiced stuff these days.

Even though the Crown´s mulled wine is one of the most expensive ones in the area, it reflects in the taste and is worth giving a shot. As location is equally important to good flavour, the pub scores with a romantic outside seating reminiscent of a Parisian square in an old black-and-white movie.


Old Red Lion Theatre Pub

Where: 418 St John Street, EC1V 4NJ
Price: £3.50

This one is probably the most alcoholic on the list. Unlike other mulled wines, it’s not too sweet and has a bitter orange flavour. If you’re lucky, you will find a piece of apple floating in the cup as the wine is boiled with fruits.

It has a rougher aftertaste, but in a good way (it’s alcohol after all) and considering this one is pretty cheap for a Christmas drink in general, the Old Red Lion´s  one can´t be criticised.

Locals will be familiar with the cosy backyard and, as mulled wine tastes better outside, the crew made sure you can enjoy it there during any weather. Besides heating lamps, there’s an awning that is not only functional but also covered in fairy lights.


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Written by Vera Mikusch

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