N1 – the postcode of happiness?

Last year, N1 was the most desirable post code North of Thames according to Time Out. Now, Twitter says Islington is the 15th happiest borough. What are the reasons we should be happy about Islington?

Photo credit: Karanj, Flickr

According to a recent Twitter analysis, Islington is the 15th happiest borough in London. Commissioned by Somerset House’s Big Bang Data exhibition, the project analysed 1.5million tweets sent by Londoners between 14 December 2015 and 15 January 2016. The North London borough of Haringey scooped the second place, and those living in the borough do not wonder why.

“There’s a lot of parks, a lot of greenery,” a woman living in the area says. “It’s a very diverse community, we have people all over from the world living here.” It seems that accessible living opportunities attract people from various backgrounds, and naturally, the possibilities of a family life are on the top of the list: “I’ve got kids, so we got good schools.”

Generally, it seems that people are happy when others are happy – which certainly seems to be the case in Haringey. “I find people are very friendly,” the local says. “I speak to my neighbours a lot more than I have in any other part of London.” But what could make the residents in nearby Islington 13 places less satisfied – and more importantly, what makes people happy in Islington? Last year Time Out published their largest ever City Living Survey with more than 12,000 Londoners rating their areas for friendliness, accessibility, eating and drinking options, family vibes and affordability. By these standards, Islington was the best borough north of the river as it paved its way to the third place overall after Clapham and Balham. It appears that people in Islington appreciate the diverse cultural elements, accessible transport networks, and the engaging high street activities that the borough has to offer. With that note, below is a list of reasons (or just a reminder) to celebrate life around Islington and Shoreditch.

From Upper Street’s diverse array of restaurants and pubs to markets, independent boutiques and thriving theatre and music venues, the vibrant N1 has something to everyone. The elegant Georgian heritage with a stretch of grittiness is the perfect depiction of London as a whole. Life by the canal is not so bad at all.

Emirates Stadium
Home to Arsenal, Islington hosts one of the biggest football clubs in London. Even if the sport itself doesn’t tickle your fancy, the extraordinary atmosphere on a home match Sunday makes the Upper Street buzz a little more exciting.

Emirates Stadium in Holloway. Photo Credit: David Holt, Flickr

Hen & Chicken’s Theatre and the Camden Head
These iconic venues are just a few amongst many in Islington’s active theatre scene. With stand-up comedy running nearly every night of the week, it’s hard not to smile.

Canal and waterways
Amidst overhanging branches of cypress and redwood, a stroll down the charming river walks is a delightful break from the pulse of the city.

Regent’s Canal in Angel. Photo credit: Ju5ti, Flickr

Camden passage
The cobbled and conveniently tucked away passage is a small but charismatic arcade of treasure-hunt antiques, independent boutiques and unique cafés.

With incredible street food, vintage enclaves, contemporary exhibitions and the bustling nightlife, the only problem Shoreditch has to offer is the excess of popularity or the difficulty in choice. And the best part? The edgy East end – spreading out from the Old Street roundabout – is just down the street.

Street art
True to the East end form, Shoreditch’s electrifying spirit is depicted on its walls. Undeniably, the street art culture is part of Shoreditch’s indelible charm.

Murals in Shoreditch. Photo credit: Berit Watkin, Flickr

Brick Lane
Take a hike in the East End’s famous street food and vintage mile. The riot of rich smells and cutting-edge fashion will only leave you hungry for       more.

Shoreditch Boxpark. Photo credit: Ewan Munro, Flickr

Box Park
Shoreditch is the dynamic bull’s eye of contemporary innovation and buzzing events – and this is why.

Film lover’s favourite
The Rooftop Film Club, the Electric Cinema, the pillow cinema, and even the hot tub cinema are just
a few examples of the various alternative cinematic experiences this cultural heartland has to offer.

Written by Jasmin Ojalainen

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