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Out with the old… or not? Clerkenwell Design Week

Living in an expensive part of London like Clerkenwell can be tough, particularly when you want a stylish life. However, in the Interface showroom at Clerkenwell Design Week, it’s very much in with the old to replace the new; wanting to show everyone how old and unwanted clothing and small household objects can be transformed into something on trend without breaking the budget.


With sewing machines on hand and materials ready to use, it’s clear that anything can be given a new lease of life if you have the knowledge and inspiration to do so. The rainbow of carpet samples spread across the wall shows what can be done with simple tools – such as a dress on display made from the underlay of carpets.

Interface, the world’s largest designers and makers of carpet tiles, believe that with a little bit of patience and a lot of creative determination a lot can be achieved with the dress you bought but never wore, or that vase you want to give a bit of a twist to.


One of the most important elements to rejuvenating objects or clothes is by using colour and raw textures; with patterns and a variety of different shades. A table covered with a variety of fabrics next to the sewing machines, show how different patterns – both vintage and modern – can complement pieces and add flair, with a mustard coloured purse/bag sitting next to a fabric that has a map of the local area waiting to be put together.


As well as the display, visitors were invited to bring in their own items to be shown, in a workshop, how to spruce their unwanted items into everyday staples. For myself as a student, being able to recycle old treasures to make them something modern and loved again through creativity is great, making it that little bit easier to save some cash.


Below are some more images taken at Interface for Clerkenwell Design Week:


Written by Jessica Nangle

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