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Syrian Insight into the Refugee Crisis


A twenty-eight-year old Syrian student, Baraa Ehsaan Kouja, from University of Exeter, will give a talk at the Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch tonight at 7pm. This ‘Syrian insight into the refugee crisis’ entitled event is hosted by Amnesty International. It will involve Baraa speaking about his experiences in Syria and the refugee crisis itself.

Baraa is no stranger to the world of humanitarian work. He has been working on relief of refugees for five years now. There are various ways he has been advocating for Syrians. He is part of a team that manages a charity kitchen that is able to produce 30,000 meals a day for any internally displaced people.

Courtesy of Bengin Ahmad
Courtesy of Bengin Ahmad

On top of that, Baraa is hosting an art exhibition called ‘From Syria with Love’ that features around 25 prints of paintings made by Syrian children living in refugee camp Al-Abrar in Lebanon. The drawings focus on the struggle the children aged 12-18 have experienced while living in Syria. Under each picture there is a tittle, name of the author and a photograph of a tent the child is currently living in and the child’s dream. There is a comparison highlighted between their trauma and others’ hopeful and peaceful lives.

It starts in few hours, be sure to check out what Baraa Ehsaan Kouja has to say about Syria and the refugee crisis that is causing the non-stop popping up of news alerts on our phones. 

Written by Karolina Kramplova

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