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The Rise of the Artisan Craft-maker

From small shops to large communities, artisan skills are a huge part of Islington today. It is a place where a large community of artists can dare to take a chance on making a business out of their artistic talents. Simple glass jewellery, items carved out of wood, pottery and handmade bags are only a few of the many artisan items the borough has to offer. Yet the shops are small and the making of the items takes a long time, with the prices of the different items varying greatly from artisan to artisan. We ask why artisan crafts have suddenly become so popular, and is it a good thing?

Silphi – Glass jewellery

Inspired by the Venetian glass-making techniques, Silvia and Phillip Crawford learnt the traditional techniques of glass blowing in Murano and now make and sell their own glass beads in their studio in Islington.


Andreas Hudelmayer – Maker of violins, violas and cellos

Growing up in south Germany as part of a music-loving family, Andreas Hudelmayer dreamt of becoming a violin maker – combining his passion for music, woodwork and engineering. Now he is living his dream, producing hand-made violins, violas and cellos for musicians around the world from his London studio.


Written by Katarina Poensgen

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