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Review: The Lumen Prize Exhibition at Espacio Gallery

July 4, 20170

With many of the contestants’ work set to be showcased at the Threads exhibition starting today, Atina Dimitrova casts our minds back to April with a retrospective on the Espacio
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Death Imitates Art – Investigating Sutton House’s New Exhibition

October 19, 20160

Sutton House are currently hosting a unique exhibition dedicated to the often-taboo topic of death. Vera Mikusch travelled to Hackney to find out the inspiration behind ‘Life. Death. Whatever.’ and
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Last orders? The Decline of the East End Boozer

January 21, 20160

It seems ironic that one of the defining features of British culture is slipping into an alarming decline. The good old pub with its roaring fire, creaking floorboards, friendly atmosphere
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Bright Lights, Big City: Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair 2015

November 27, 20150

  On a windswept November weekend, the Candid Galleries – one of the largest independent contemporary art spaces in the city – played host to the Islington Contemporary Art and
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Pictures: Next stop, Brick Lane

March 12, 20150

East London has many faces, and so do its people. Instead of looking for them, Panayiota Paschali picked a location and captured everyone passing through. In this case: bus stops around Old Street
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Pictures: An Islington institution

March 3, 20150

James Cambridge had a piece of real history at M. Manze Pie and Mash on Chapel Market. The shop feels Victorian in more than just design – at Manze’s, they still make eel
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Pictures: Islington through time

February 20, 20150

Changes in the city, like everywhere else, happen gradually and are often not visible to the people that live through them. For this series, James Cambridge sourced library images of
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