Pictures: Islington through time James Cambridge. Islington Through Time 2 Full view

Pictures: Islington through time

Changes in the city, like everywhere else, happen gradually and are often not visible to the people that live through them.

For this series, James Cambridge sourced library images of the area around Angel, dating from 1972-87, and took pictures of the same places today. He then combined the two, layering the images and rubbing away at the top layer to reveal the fragments of the past that lie underneath.

James Cambridge. Islington Through Time 2
The 253’s route through Angel would have been a very different one in 1972, passing Dunn & Co menswear


“My aim was to portray three different times within one single photo,” he says. “The old black and white, the present coloured and the time that has passed between the two photos. This third time is not a visual one but a mental and emotional dimension, filled in by nostalgia and the knowledge of the changes that have occurred between the two stills.”


James Cambridge. Islington Through Time 3
Upper Street: What was once a charity shop for The Spastics Society (now known as Scope) is now a Body Shop, showing how times have changed


James Cambridge. Islington through Time 4
A homeless man plays the mandolin on the pavement outside Boots,1973, a shop that is still occupied by the chain to this day


James Cambridge. Islington Through Time 5
Angel: The Mall and Antiques fair, from 1987, has long since gone, making way for global brand Jack Wills to fill the large brick building
James Cambridge. Islington through Time 1
The 1987 shops with their wares out on the pavement are in stark contrast to the modern day chain restaurants and Starbucks just across the street















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