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The Knowledge – Vital Driving Test or “Too Much of a Slog”?

March 5, 20160

“They just don’t have the knowledge,” Fiona Henderson chats away, her eyes swimming with passion for her cause whilst still fixed on the journey she is making towards King’s Cross.
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Islington and the Refugee Crisis

February 28, 20160

Islington and the Refugee Crisis: The Borough’s Response In the first instalment of our special series on the refugee crisis, Silvia Maresca takes a wider look at the impact war in Syria has
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Second Shot: tackling homelessness one coffee at a time

February 25, 20160

Having established business models since secondary school, Julius Ibrahim, an ambitious economics student at UCL, is about to launch a serious business with a social impact – quite a step-up
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Duchess of Cambridge becomes patron for Islington charity

February 22, 20160

The Duchess of Cambridge has become a Patron for the children’s mental health charity, the Anna Freud Centre. According to statistics by Young Minds, 1 in 10 children aged between 1
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“Sometimes I forget what I look like” – What it’s like to be homeless and female in Islington

January 6, 20160

Note: names marked with a * in this article have been changed to preserve the interviewees’ anonymity. Imagine yourself in one of the most physically demanding and vulnerable states possible
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Clerkenwell’s hidden history: the great and gruesome

May 20, 20150

While this week sees a celebration of much that is innovative and new in Clerkenwell, one ingenious project reminds us of the rich – and often troubled history that this area has.
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Gwenton Sloley: life of an ex-offender

April 12, 20150

  “Was I going to end up back in prison for any little thing I did? Would I ever be able to walk away from crime?” These are a few
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From cardboard box to tailored suit

March 20, 20150

On a cold autumn morning on the outskirts of London, a young man wakes up on his cardboard box. Today is a big day for him. Leaving the cardboard box behind
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One street, many faces: people of Brick Lane

May 19, 20141

Banglatown, a vintage hotspot, a graffiti-painted street, a creative hub for artists and the face of the tough East End: this is Brick Lane, defined by the people who live
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Kurz&Lang: Why bratwurst is more than just a sausage

April 22, 20140

St John Street is home to bratwurst shop Kurz&Lang, founded by Berlin-born Valentin von Amsberg. We paid a visit, as part of our St John Street At Work series