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Opinion: Why the Bishopsgate Goodsyard scheme needs changing

March 5, 20150

Local businessmen, hipsters, yuppies and artists: these are the people that belong to Shoreditch. But the wild monster of capitalism raging over London’s housing market has now crept upon one
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Opinion: The careless capital

February 18, 20150

Is London  Europe’s capital of loneliness? As a new survey focuses on how many Britons around the country live in isolation,  Sarah Remsky argues it’s time for our city in
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Opinion: Why I don’t need Valentine’s Day

February 11, 20150

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, but Sarah Remsky explains why it’s not for her

Opinion: New Era estate tenants need someone else than Russell Brand

December 6, 20140

The possible eviction of 93 families from Hoxton’s New Era estate is the height of London’s housing dilemma. Someone has to save these people from homelessness before it is too
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Opinion: May is right to ban hate preachers from universities

November 27, 20140

It is one thing to practise a religion, but quite another to despise everyone who does not agree. On Monday, extremist preacher Imran ibn Mansur, known for his homophobic attitudes,
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Opinion: Why I couldn’t wear a poppy

November 18, 20140

Remembrance Day is a yearly fixture in British life, but not everyone living in the UK takes it for granted. One German student in London mulls it over and decides that poppies
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Opinion: Increasing the London living wage will not do the trick

November 6, 20140

  It is no secret that London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; but it is also the most expensive. Supported by the strong pound and continually rising rents,
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One street, many faces: people of Brick Lane

May 19, 20141

Banglatown, a vintage hotspot, a graffiti-painted street, a creative hub for artists and the face of the tough East End: this is Brick Lane, defined by the people who live
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Kurz&Lang: Why bratwurst is more than just a sausage

April 22, 20140

St John Street is home to bratwurst shop Kurz&Lang, founded by Berlin-born Valentin von Amsberg. We paid a visit, as part of our St John Street At Work series

Finsbury Library: Borrowing books 21st century style

April 1, 20140

For our St John Street At Work series we visit Finsbury Library, which houses more than 40,000 items, from books to DVDs. We talked to its enthusiastic manager, Chris Millington, about
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