Campaigner Pressures Council To Step Up Anti-Suicide Measures Archway Bridge - Archway Bridge | Nigel Fox Full view

Campaigner Pressures Council To Step Up Anti-Suicide Measures

Archway Bridge | Nigel Fox
Archway Bridge | Nigel Fox

A campaigner who launched the Hornsey Lane Bridge Anti-Suicide in 2010 argues that the delays to get better anti-suicide measures put in place are to blame for the latest suicide. Sarah Cope started the campaign after three men committed suicide over a period of three weeks. She says, “the works are meant to be happening at the minute and the builders are meant to be there now. They haven’t even begun yet.” The fence is now expected to go up this summer.

Sarah says it draws people who are desperate and it’s traumatic for onlookers, explaining, “for some, their mental health is never the same again. It’s right next to a school as well so it can be witnessed by children.” She adds, “The research shows if you make jumping from a well-known suicide spot difficult, then deaths from other surrounding high structures deaths don’t increase.”

Hornsey Lane Bridge is a notable suicide bridge in London, where notable landmarks like The Gherkin, The Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral can be seen. It passes over Archway road, connecting the Highgate and Crouch End area. In October 2015, Islington Council and Haringey Council voted unanimously and approved plans for the construction of a safety fence to go ahead. The 2.8m high fence will be put up with the aim of preventing anyone from jumping off.

A man who was due to be sentenced for child sex offences jumped off Hornsey Lane Bridge on Thursday 28th January, at 7am. Accountant Michael Fiek, 40, who lived in Shoreditch, East London was due to be sentence at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to 14 offences.

He admitted paying for sex with a 15-year-old boy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 2014 and also admitted to possessing images of child abuse.

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