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Save nature

June 11, 20140

Donec et sem at mauris molestie feugiat. Sed sit amet quam egestas tortor fermentum pharetra eu ut lectus. Nulla suscipit, odio at consectetur lobortis, nisl dolor cursus leo, sit amet
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Video: Islington Council tackles super-strength alcohol

May 1, 20141

Islington Council recently urged shops in the borough to limit their sales of so-called super-strength alcohol, such as high strength lager, beer and cider, in order to combat anti-social behaviour. But
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Invasion of the concept cafés

April 5, 20140

European and American café culture has been invading the UK slowly but surely for quite some time. Inspired by TV shows such as Friends, Britons too started hanging out in coffee
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Clerkenwell cafés unflapped by Waitrose coffee offer

March 25, 20140

Despite concern elsewhere, local shops are not worried by supermarket giving out free hot drinks

Podcast: Coping with Crossrail on the doorstep

November 26, 20130

When Crossrail opens in 2018, Farringdon will be one of the busiest rail stations in Britain. However, businesses in the local area are now feeling the effect of construction work
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