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Clerkenwell’s hidden history: the great and gruesome

May 20, 20150

While this week sees a celebration of much that is innovative and new in Clerkenwell, one ingenious project reminds us of the rich – and often troubled history that this area has.
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Digital Shoreditch: today’s updates

May 15, 20150

Digital Shoreditch is on its third day as our reporters continue to cover the event- here are the interviews gathered on the third day. From connecting simple objects through the internet to technology
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The future is here: Digital Shoreditch 2015

May 14, 20150

This week the central London venue of Shoreditch Town Hall  became the home of Digital Shoreditch, a festival celebrating creative, technical and business ventures all around the globe. Each of the five
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Is a cashless Islington on the cards?

December 4, 20140

Most parking meters in the borough have recently been switched to a pay-by-phone system. But is everybody happy with leaving their change at home?

Anger as veteran landlord thrown out after 25 years – local boozer to turn into gastropub

October 19, 20143

  A popular landlord is set to lose his job and family home of 25 years to make way for a gastropub chain. Brendan Cluskey, who has run The Angel on
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Late night levy in Islington

June 18, 20140

Islington has recently become the first London borough to introduce a late night levy, an annual charge paid by licensed premises that want to sell alcohol between midnight and 6am.
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Lovely golden body

June 12, 20140

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Nice car !!

June 12, 20140

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A sagittis ante tincidunt

June 12, 20143

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Suspen disse sagittis nec

June 12, 20140

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