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Islington House Prices Vs Rest of UK


After a London home measuring only 10 feet wide was put up for sale for £800’000 last week, more and more people have begun asking what their money could get them elsewhere in the UK.


It’s expected that 2016 could see average UK house prices reach an all-time high of £300’000, but what could that buy you here? And more importantly, what could that buy you in other cities around the UK?

In Islington, £300’000 can get you a ground floor one bedroom flat. Just. Situated in what is described as ‘a purpose built block’, the flat consists of only four rooms; a reception room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

In Birmingham, the UK’s second biggest city, it’s a slightly different story. Here, the same £300’000 can get you a semi-detached three bedroom house that boasts not only an open plan kitchen/dining room, but a downstairs toilet, dressing room and en-suite bathroom.

Travel a bit further north to the UK’s third largest city, Leeds, and your £300’000 can go even further. Here, your money can get you a detached four bedroom home that offers four spacious bedrooms, and not only a sitting room, but an additional ‘formal lounge’.

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