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Police to use eagles to take down drones

Londoners should start getting familiar with spotting eagles up in the sky as Metropolitan Police have now announced their interest in using the birds to take down drones.

© Kenneth Cole Schnelder
© Kenneth Cole Schnelder

Concerns have indeed increased around drones being increasingly used by crime organizations for illegal purposes, including drugs trade and smuggling goods into prison.

Following the footsteps of the Dutch police, the first to introduce such initiative, a spokesperson for the Met police said :“As would be expected in an organisation that is transforming we take an interest in all innovative new ideas and will of course be looking at the work of the Dutch police use of eagles”.

According to the 2015 Met Police figures on crime, Islington is the one of the only three boroughs in London whose crime rate is above average.

Eagles might be the right answer to help decrease the crime rates but Jonny Ames, spokesperson of Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation, explains why the idea might not be a winning one.

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