New designs for the Caledonian clock tower face increasing opposition Caledonian Clock Tower Full view

New designs for the Caledonian clock tower face increasing opposition

By Alexandra Davis

New proposals for a controversial visitor centre at the foot of the existing Caledonian Park clock tower have been finalised despite local opposition.

The Caledonian Park clock tower, which first opened in 1855, has been a centrepiece of the community since its opening.

Caledonian Clock Tower
Credit: Matt Brown Flickr


But under new plans, a new heritage centre, cafe and toilets will be built whilst the Grade-II listed clock tower will be restored. The council state these plans will turn the park into a “vibrant” and “resident-friendly” space.

However residents are campaigning against these plans due to the close proximity of the planned build to their homes.

Mike Power, a local resident and member of the Save Cally Park opposition group, said: “The council has consistently and arrogantly brushed aside our opposition to the visitor centre but a 750-signature petition and two public consultations show strong opposition to their plans.”

He continued: “There’s a very good spot right at the bottom of the clock tower at the south side which wouldn’t be intrusive at all. It doesn’t have to be next to our homes.”

Following Friday’s review of the new build by the clock tower, the council have failed to change their mind. They said: “We have adjusted the centre’s designs after listening to the views expressed by residents. It is important to get this right to ensure a sustainable and successful scheme.”


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  • although new amenities to the area which has been neglected for many years is a good idea,
    The Design of two horrible box buildings near the base of the beautiful clock tower is a very bad unimaginative design.
    The new buildings should have at least have external shape and Features which mirror or complement the shape of the clock tower.


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