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There are 99 problems here in Islington, and pigeons are one of them.

Islington Council has been pushed to send out letters to its residents warning them of the consequences of feeding pigeons on the Palmer Estate. Eviction is one of them.

People living in Palmer Estate have felt a little attacked by the letter sent by the council because of its use of “Professional Witness” – it’s a bit ‘spy’ like, according to some residents.

Alan Marston, 72, said: “My wife and I were very annoyed about it. There aren’t a lot of pigeons on the Estate. There are a few people who go out and feed them, but nobody worries too much about it. There are all sorts of problems on this estate, but pigeons are not one of them.”

Birds are in fact a health hazard, similarly to rats, they spread diseases and are the perfect mechanism for it. Pigeons carry over forty types of parasites and can spread over sixty types of infectious disease which can affect people especially in urban areas.

The letter from the council ended on a plea for help – ‘should anyone witness a resident feeding pigeon on the estate, please do not hesitate to contact me in order to commence enforcement action.’

Jasmin Ojalainen went out to find out more.

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