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“Successwich”: Shoreditch commuters take a bite of success - Charlie Richards Photography Ltd Full view

“Successwich”: Shoreditch commuters take a bite of success

It’s something we know all too well: the gloomy feeling that takes over the Monday morning commute, clouding over the end of your weekend. Does it get you down? Make you feel like you aren’t achieving enough?  

 You are not alone. In Britain, 13 and a half million people admit they feel the same. The sense of unsuccessfulness and often wishing society considered success to be less important. Could a sandwich be the answer to your problems?  

 The LinkedIn study commissioned by YouGov found that a person’s age and society’s view of success are factors people feel most negatively impact their chances of achieving success. According to the study, people who are 55 and over are most likely to believe their age is impeding their future success, those aged between 25-34 are least likely to think it would hold them back.  

 Darain Faraz, LinkedIn’s Careers Expert, says: “Our research shows that success means different things for different people. Whether that’s making it back for bath time or having the time to play in your five-a-side football team, being your own boss or owning your own home, we want to help our members and the wider UK workforce to define success for themselves and think about what it means to them”.  

 For an unusual solution, LinkedIn has teamed up with sarnie makers Sub Cult to find out if a good breakfast is the answer. The ‘Successwich’, created by Sub Cult, is designed to boost the feeling of success. It is packed with Dopamine inducing ingredients, a natural chemical which increases motivation and productivity.  

 The ‘Successwich’ is made up of steak and eggs with espresso relish, spinach and radish cress. For a vegetarian option, they have smashed avocado mixed with macha, scrambled eggs with candied beetroot and toasted seeds. The mix of protein and vegetables provides energy and nutrition to keep you going.  While the release of dopamine in your body increases the feeling of motivation and success. 

 Ben Chancellor, Co-Founder of Sub Cult, says: “It’s bleak times for some in the wake of Brexit, everyone’s freaking out about interest rates going up. There’s a lot of things to be gloomy about”. Ben hopes that the sandwiches will make commenters feel more positive for the day. Maybe some good food in the morning can make you lose a little bit of that Monday morning feeling.  




Written by Manon Dark

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