TfL unveils plans to pedestrianise Highbury corner 8614489290_c372a6399b_o - Credit: David Holt, Flickr, Creative Commons Full view

TfL unveils plans to pedestrianise Highbury corner

Drastic changes have been proposed by Tfl to pedestrianise Highbury Corner. These vast changes will include making the area around the station more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. With a large pedestrianised public space created in front of the station in order reduce congestion. This is as well as replacing the one way roundabout with a two way traffic system, and segregated cycle lanes to be introduced. The public area would be around half the size of a football pitch, and built around the existing Highbury Corner arboretum.

Credit: David Holt, Flickr, Creative Commons
Credit: David Holt, Flickr, Creative Commons

London Commuter Odette Curran explains her concerns “I think a plan is necessary as during rush hour each day is nightmare. Hearing these plans however, I am not sure this is the right one as they seem so drastic that throughout the construction duration, I know it is going to be so much worse, and that is something I am not looking forward to.”

Odette is not alone, I spoke to 10 regular visitors at Highbury Corner and they all shared similar concerns. Islington resident, Steve Taylor adds: “removing the roundabout is not going to help. As a motorist I do not believe these plans will help me”.

Islington council was not available to comment, however Senior Media Officer Stephen Moore sent a detailed press release they hope will answer any questions.

They state: ‘Removing the western side of the roundabout would allow a two-way traffic system to be introduced with improved pedestrian crossings. It would also allow new segregated lanes for cyclists to be created as, despite a lack of facilities, they now make up 22 per cent of all traffic using the roundabout.’

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: ‘Highbury Corner heaves with hundreds of thousands of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians every day. It is a challenging area to navigate but the changes we are proposing will be a vast improvement, particularly for the many thousands of passengers who disgorge onto the pavement from Highbury & Islington station; and also for the cyclists who will find new segregated cycle lanes and signalised crossings that will make the area far safer for them.’

Managing Director of Surface Transport, TfL has said they look forward to hearing people’s views on the proposals. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, @StJohnStreet.


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