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The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker: Tradition with a makeover

Next in our St John Street At Work series is The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker. We talked to B&T’s Brooke Streatfield who has lived in the area all her life



The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker is a favourite for locals and City students since its opening in 2012 (in previous lives it was the Queen Boadicea – or Queen B, The Bull and the New Red Lion). St John Street local Brooke Streatfield tells us more…

What does your job at The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker involve?

I have worked there for two and a half years now. I am part of the management team there, where I undergo tasks such as maintaining day-to-day running of the bar like serving customers drink and food, but also cleaning and maintaining a good workplace for me and my colleagues.

Brooke Streatfield at work
Brooke Streatfield at work

How old is the pub?

It has been pretty well known around here as a pub for the last 100 years. The building is even older, at least 200 years old, as historic photos of St John Street show. The tile work on the walls is from the same time.

I love working on St John Street because it is so vibrant and lively no matter what time of day it is. I have lived here all of my life and it’s amazing to work so close to home where I know almost everyone that comes in. So it’s like working in a home away from home for me.

Where do you spend your breaks?

I spend my breaks in Northampton Square or I sometimes just sit on the circular plant area outside the pub when the weather is nice. It is such a friendly space to be in.

10818568_10205197088997105_1406200325_nHow would you describe the atmosphere in the pub?

The flair in the pub is very local, but young and fresh at the same time, which I think is a great balance.

What is the most interesting fact to know about The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker?

The pub is named after a song by a folk singer called Jack Thackray, who is [owner] Matt Rix’ music hero.

What is your favourite food at the pub?

The Halloumi Burger for £8.50.


Written by Sarah Remsky

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