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Veganuary: where to eat in Islington

A healthy new year's resolution Photo: Tookapic
A healthy new year’s resolution
Photo: Tookapic

It is probably not accidental that January, the Monday of the  year, was chosen to be the month to try and go vegan- new year’s resolutions are still reasonably fresh in one’s mind and the year still feels like a clean slate. In comes Veganuary, a worldwide campaign that encourages people to ditch meat and animal products for a month

2016 is the third year of the Veganuary initiative and around 50,000 people are expected to participate. The purpose behind campaigns like Veganuary and Meat Free Monday encompasses many things, with animal welfare coming first and followed by environmental concerns such as reducing carbon footprint and personal health improvement. Going vegan for a month (or less) is a also a good solution for easing the discomforts of holiday dinners.

Vegetarian doesn't mean boring Photo: Foodies Feed
Vegetarian doesn’t mean boring
Photo: Foodies Feed

Whether you are a committed vegetarian or just want to try something new, it is never a bad idea to make a positive change in the world. The only thing to remember is while omitting meat and other animal products can have substantial health benefits, it is important to know oneself very well in order for a new diet to do its magic. Before completely erasing a food group from one’s menu it is always worth contacting a nutritionist and assess potential threats and benefits this could entail.

There are common misconceptions about vegetarian and vegan food such as it being bland and unimaginative. People at Veganuary and Meat Free Monday  suggest various vegan and vegetarian recipes and places to indulge in veggie food when eating out.

Islington is very much on board when it comes to going meat-free. There is a vast array of places in the area to make sticking to your vegan resolutions a lot more pleasant during January and beyond .

  • The Gate  

Found right here on St John Street, The Gate is a fully vegetarian restaurant, offering many vegan options. From a scrumptious morning shakshuka to vegan curry, they have it all.

 Where: 370 St John Street, London EC1V 4NN


  • Ottolenghi Islington

The Ottolenghi branch on Upper Street is vegetarian-friendly and has many meatless choices. There are also plenty of vegetarian recipes from  Yotam Ottolenghi himself on its website.

     Where: 287 Upper Street London N1 2TZ


  • Gallipoli Cafe and Bistro

Not far from Ottolenghi is a lovely Turkish restaurant, Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro. The cafe offers a wide selection of vegetarian meze and main courses, all with a Mediterranean twist.

      Where: 102 Upper St,  Islington, London N1 1QP


  • Indian Veg

This vegetarian curry house has an all-you-can-eat buffet at very low prices and takeaway. Looks like it’s been approved by The Guardian and TIME OUT and regular diners also rave about it.

 Where: 92-93 Chapel Market, London N1 9EX


  •  Itadaki Zen

This cozy Japanese restaurant on King’s Cross Rd is the first European branch of this organic and vegan restaurant chain. The entire menu at Itadaki Zen is catered to tastes and needs of vegetarians and             vegans and includes various kinds of sushi rolls and classic sides like seaweed salad or kimchi. Better yet, there is a 10% student discount.

    Where: 139 King’s cross Road London WC1X 9BJ

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