Worries over listed Bunhill Fields in Islington Bunhill_Fields_Graveyard - Picture Credit: Zain Al-Janabi Full view

Worries over listed Bunhill Fields in Islington

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Bunhill Fields in City Road is the place of rest for over 120,000 Londoners including famous people such as William Blake and Daniel Defoe.

Picture Credit: Zain Al-Janabi
Picture Credit: Zain Al-Janabi

A number of Islington Councillors have been criticising Boris Johnson for his plan to build an 11 storey building which will block the views of the graveyard. The council are concerned the development will cause harm to the Grade 1 Registered Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest.

Geraint Franklin of Historic England explains the significants of listing lands and why Bunhills Field is listed.

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