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Video: Hackney brewery turns bread into beer

Written by Jessica Hutchby

An East London Brewery has been turning unused bread from across the capital into beer.

Owners of the Hackney Brewery have joined forces with the charity Feedback to use the limitless supplies of unused bread into beer. This idea was born from the charities founder, Tristram Stuart, who wanted to prove that food waste doesn’t have to go to waste and can be used to make something tasty, like beer!

The brewing process of this beer is very similar to other ways of brewing beer, for this company the malt they use is actually replaced by mashed bread.

These beers can be bought online for £3 or from a number of different stockists. All the money made from these beers go to the charity Feedback.

Our reporter, Claudia Romeo, talks to Andrew Schein from Feedback Global, as well as the assistant manager of Poco Tapas Bar, about the popularity of the Toast ale.

Food Waste : Craft Beer Toast Ale

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